About American Principles Project

Nowadays, everyone has a political arm or lobbyist to protect their interests. But the American family does not. Given the increasingly hostile progressive attacks on parents and children, the American family cannot afford to be without a political cavalry to defend it.

The American Principles Project wants to make the family the most powerful, well-represented special interest group in Washington, D.C. Existing pro-family groups largely focus their efforts on education and tracking legislation. That’s great. But we need more. APP is the only national pro-family organization engaging directly in campaigns and elections.

The family has two natural advantages when it comes to politics:

  • When organized, families are numerous and more powerful than “any other special interest group.”
  • Pro-family issues win elections.

But while hard-line progressive activists have grown comfortable attacking the family and making it difficult to raise children, pro-family political forces have largely been missing-in-action.
We want to impose a political cost on the Left’s anti-family extremism.

If they want to attack parental rights, confuse young children about changing their gender, undermine the ability of parents to protect their children’s innocence, or drive a wedge between parents and children in education, then they are going to be punished at the polls.

For more information about APP, including how to further support our work, visit our website at www.AmericanPrinciplesProject.org

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