S.1. For the People Act/H.R.4 John Lewis Voting Rights Bill 

Ken Cuccinelli, Michael Bars

For more than twenty years, Democrats have been trying to take over U.S. election laws in a coordinated, politically driven campaign of deceit and division.

Most recently, they went from declaring 2020 the most secure election in history to pushing a “stolen election narrative” in 2022, with even President Biden implying that the forthcoming midterms could be compromised and illegitimate. Why the dramatic shift? Because in 2021 many states around the country enacted new laws protecting the integrity of their elections — making it easy to vote and hard to cheat in elections that are secure, transparent, and accountable. Most importantly, the reforms help restore voter trust that every legal vote can be cast and counted fairly and openly. 

In return, Democrats in Congress responded with radical legislation to block and override state election laws, erase key safeguards protecting our elections from fraud, force taxpayers to foot the bill for political campaigns, make states register illegal aliens (and 16-year-olds) to vote, and destroy voter ID.

Making matters worse, they then tried to abolish the legislative filibuster used for nearly 200 years to ensure bipartisanship and consensus-driven decision making so they could force their legislative takeover of all 50 states’ elections into law by changing the rules.

But to the disappointment of Democrats, these bills, which rely on a media-assisted “voter suppression” myth to convince Americans that election integrity is racist, failed five times to pass through January of this year. It should be noted that, had they succeeded in eliminating the filibuster, the Democrats’ takeover wouldn’t have stopped with elections, but the worst of the liberal agenda would soon follow — packing the Supreme Court, attacks on pro-life protections, the socialist Green New Deal, and so much more.

What could have instilled such fear into Democrats that they would attempt an unprecedented, authoritarian power grab — something more akin to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela than anything ever seen before in the U.S.— rigging the election system in their favor in silencing millions of American voters for generations to come?

The American family. 

Democrats want to marginalize our long-term viability as a pro-life and pro-family movement by devaluing our vote and preventing us from electing leaders who represent our values to office. They plan to systematically erode the power of our most sacred institution of hearth and home whereby our fundamental values and beliefs are nurtured and passed down at the kitchen table, our churches, and within our communities. In fact, research shows that those who grow up in a healthy, happy family environment are more likely to vote, to be engaged in politics, and to carry on the traditions and values that come with a healthy home lifestyle.

Make no mistake, the Democrat takeover of elections would spell disaster for our Democracy and generations of disenfranchised American voters, but because of conservatives who stand up for their right to vote, it continues to fail. 

The reality is that it has never been easier to register and vote for every American — regardless of your race, your party affiliation, or where you live — than it is today. This is a measure of success for which Americans can all be proud. Election integrity is not racist, voter suppression and discrimination are already illegal, and Democrats’ federal takeover of elections has nothing to do with “voting rights.”

It’s about preserving their power. We cannot let them win.

  • Ken Cuccinelli

    Ken Cuccinelli is the National Chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative and is the former Virginia Attorney General and Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Michael Bars

    Michael Bars is the Executive Director of the Election Transparency Initiative and is a former White House Senior Communications Advisor and Spokesman, National Security Council Director of Strategic Communications, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.

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