Sell-Out Republicans

Terry Schilling

While it is obvious that the Democratic Party has proposed most of the policies that make it harder, even undesirable, to start a family, get married, and protect the innocence of our children; the question remains: how did they manage it amid a two-party democracy? The answer is simple: they faced no real political opposition. For years, the Republican Party failed to effectively oppose or thwart almost any of the anti-family policies from the Democratic Party. 

Until very recently, the GOP was largely led by a class of consultants, donors, staffers, op-ed writers, and politicians who considered opposition to the left’s radical social agenda too risky. Instead of defending the family from the onslaught of the left, they decided to call a one-sided truce. They chose to give up on fighting for us in politics. They told us that we had to retreat on controversial culture topics or risk losing the hearts and minds of the American public. We were told to sit still, look pretty, and mind our manners while our rights, liberties, and legacies were viciously attacked. 

Was defending the family really a political liability? Obviously not. Donald Trump went directly against conventional wisdom by embracing so-called “culture war” issues. Not only did he win the nomination and the presidency, but he also revitalized the Republican Party. Now candidates across the country are turning blue states to red by campaigning on family-focused, “culture war” issues. They’re winning.

The point is so simple you’d have to be a Republican consultant to have missed it for so long: there’s no real constituency for sex changes for minors. Voters aren’t pushing for their kids to be assaulted with crossdressing storytellers, pornographic books, transgender ideology, and race indoctrination. They want all that to stop.

But despite that opposition, we are now seeing our children put on experimental drugs and even mutilated permanently to make a political point. Schools are deliberately encouraging children to transition while simultaneously keeping parents in the dark, harming not only the child’s mental health but also his relationship with his parents, who are really his greatest allies in times of distress. The flagrant sex propaganda is not the product of the free market or the will of the American people. It is a deliberate public policy choice – our elected officials sold us out.

It must end. In 2022, Republicans are set up for a Tea-Party-sized electoral wave. We need to ask ourselves: what type of politicians will be replacing anti-family, anti-American Democrats? Are they willing to use the political power that the American people are trusting them with in order to save the family and save America? Do they have the courage to stand up to the evil forces that seek to destroy both? If their answer is anything less than a resounding “yes,” we need to let them know that there will be consequences.

Every Republican should be aware that a vote against families means the end of their career. Corporate money may buy campaign platforms, but that doesn’t mean they can buy our votes.

I’m happy to see that so many of the next generation of Republican leaders – many of whom have contributed to this report – understand the threats the American family is facing. They’re thinking seriously and fighting hard against the left’s insanity. The rest of the party should follow their lead. 

Many of those who led us, and the party, into this mess in the first place are still around and eager to have another crack at making the GOP a moderate party of unilateral disarmament. We can’t let that happen. The stakes are simply too high.

If America is to stand a chance, she needs a political party that serves as an effective opposition to the evil targeted at destroying our families and the souls of our children. Without that, America and its families are doomed. 

  • Terry Schilling

    Terry Schilling is the President of the American Principles Project. Terry is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing APP’s strategy, messaging and grassroots activity at the state and federal level.

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