A Letter

From Sen. Marco Rubio

Healthy families are at the core of any strong society. Ancient tradition, modern social science, and common sense all agree on this. And yet today, family life is under attack from powerful forces across the nation.

First and foremost, it is under attack from a powerful faction of cultural Marxists in this country who are openly committed to undermining and destroying the family. This faction represents a small minority of the population, but it has an outsized influence in our elite institutions… 



Introduction by Senator Tom Cotton

For decades, conservatives have correctly identified Big Government as a threat to our culture and families, but there is a new and more omnipresent threat. Left-wing activists have captured corporate boardrooms across the nation and are using big business to advance their extreme ideology like never before. These woke corporations wield immense power over our lives, much like the government, but they are even less …


Sen. Marsha Blackburn


Rep. Ken Buck


Rachel Bovard


Saurabh Sharma


Pedro Gonzalez


APP Staff

Special Interest Groups


American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Michelle Cretella

Chamber of Commerce

Rep. Jim Banks

Teachers Unions

Rep. Chip Roy

Mainstream Media

Brent Bozell

Big Pharma

J.D. Vance

Introduction by Jim DeMint

Bigness is always at war with individualism and freedom because it results in the concentration of power. Individual decision making and free speech, along with small family units, churches, small businesses and community organizations, are a constant threat to those who seek to rule by harnessing the power of big government. When I was first elected to Congress in 1998, special interest groups  achieved some …



Introduction by Patrick T. Brown

Progressives’ vision for family policy tends to be heavy on the policy, and light on the family. Instead of understanding the family as an integral social and economic unit, their policy prescriptions too often see households as a collection of individuals that happen to share a roof. Rather than using public policy to protect and strengthen the family unit, progressives tend to see individuals as …



Gavin Newsom

Ryan P. Williams

Miguel Cardona

APP Staff

Rachel Levine

Emily Jashinsky

President Joe Biden

Aaron Renn

Sell-Out Republicans

Terry Schilling

Introduction by Jon Schweppe

Government and politicians go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other. It’s only natural that these political men and women are poised to be the biggest allies and the biggest threats to American families. All power serves a purpose, and we’ve been blessed with many strong leaders who stick to their principles and don’t allow themselves to be bullied by their belligerent counterparts. …

The First Steps

to Restoring the American Family 

About the project

Within this report you’ll find four categories of threats: corporations, special interest groups, legislation, and politicians. Each category has six specific threats listed within it, written by conservative leaders, politicians, and policy experts you can trust, showing you exactly why these threats have earned their place in our report. Finally, you’ll read an essay from Terry Schilling, president at American Principles Project, on the looming threat that we’ve identified as the greatest threat to the American Family.

The views presented in this report are held by the American Principles Project as a whole and each author respectively. Individual authors had no say in determining the content of any essay but their own, nor did they have any choice in the authorship selection of any particular essay.

About APP

The American Principles Project is a non-profit 501(c)(4) dedicated to protecting the American family, representing it in politics, and fighting both to defend parental rights and to promote laws that will allow families to flourish instead of exacerbating their dependence on a welfare state. A great part of what we do involves frontline campaigning and policy-crafting, but we also recognize the need to involve families directly in protecting their interests.

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