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Vice President Kamala Harris may feign interest in protecting the American way of life, but she deliberately supports groups who fight to destroy the American family and silences those who expose the truth.

In 2015, after years of undercover investigation, David Daleiden began publishing videos that revealed the ugly truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. He now faces criminal prosecution for his investigative journalism, an extreme response to actions that should be protected under his First Amendment rights. This attack has been headed, from the start, by none other than Kamala Harris.

It is a widespread fact that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry prey upon young, vulnerable women and coerce them into destroying their children’s lives. Daleiden’s videos provided irrefutable evidence of another dark side of their work: that their leaders are involved in the human trafficking of aborted babies and use criminal partial-birth abortions in order to do so. The videos shocked the conscience and horrified Americans across the political spectrum — and shed heartbreaking, clarifying light on the true meaning of state-sponsored, industrial-scale abortion in our country.

The American people have a right to know the motivating factors behind an industry that pretends to care about our most vulnerable, abused, and desperate demographic of women. And of course, whatever opposing viewpoints Planned Parenthood had been content to live with in the past, they, and their political allies, simply could not tolerate this footage being seen by the public.

Kamala Harris, who was at the time the powerful and well-connected Attorney General of California, was the first on the scene to silence truth in defense of economical murderous profits. Harris launched an 11-officer armed raid on Daleiden’s home, at the behest of Planned Parenthood, to seize his videos and computer equipment. Harris’ deputies also arrested Daleiden and are criminally prosecuting him for making the videos that they already seized. The sentence for his alleged crime is up to 6 years in jail. 

The police pretext for this unprecedented raid was that the videos violated California’s law against recording “confidential communications” — even though the recordings were networking conversations intended to be shared with others, held in public places, and recorded in order to gather evidence of violent crimes (an explicit exception to the California law). In fact, countless local news reporters and activists regularly record and publish undercover video of conversations in California, but none of them have ever faced repercussions such as these. Even “politically incorrect” reporters such as James O’Keefe and Lila Rose, though publicly accused by Planned Parenthood and others of violating the recording law, have never been prosecuted by the California Attorney General. 

The difference? Daleiden revealed that Planned Parenthood sold babies piecemeal. Even they have to admit, it’s not a good look, and Harris was happy to oblige their needs. She launched a criminal enforcement effort against a news reporter under the California recording law for the first time in its 70-year history.

This is the messaging of tyrants, not the expression of the will of a free people. Anyone who believes in the right to a free press with free speech and free expression should unite to reject this abuse of power and obvious effort to obstruct the propagation of truth. Providing proof that innocent life is not only threatened by Planned Parenthood, but exploited further for monetary gain under criminal circumstances, should never come at the cost of freedom. Harris doesn’t care about your rights, the rights of your children, or the well-being of your families, but she is determined to wage political war against you. Is that the kind of leader you want to keep in your midst?

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