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Aaron Renn

Many people regard President Joe Biden as a likeable and moderate Democrat. But his party, and thus the staff in his administration, is increasingly made up of radical leftists with a hostile, anti-family agenda. A past-his-prime Biden shows little interest or ability in curtailing their activism, making him a legitimate threat to the American family as titular head of the US government.

We saw this potential in action as we watched a coordinated political move by Biden’s Department of Justice to brand as terrorists parents who object to progressive dogma being taught in their schools. The National School Boards Association sent a letter to the DOJ asking the federal government “to deal with the growing numbers of threats of violence” school officials were supposedly receiving. Shortly thereafter, Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a memo directing all US attorneys around the country to take action on this, saying that the DOJ was “committed to using its authority” on the matter. Later it was revealed that these events had been orchestrated in coordination with the White House. 

In other words, law enforcement has been weaponized by the government working hand in glove with activists and political operatives to threaten prosecution of parents opposing far left indoctrination of their kids. 

This particular move seems to have backfired because it was exposed. But it’s clear the Biden administration wants to criminalize dissent. A recent terrorism advisory, for example, warns of “false or misleading narratives” by “domestic threat actors” which “could inspire acts of violence.” It’s easy how this can be applied to parents who, for example, are pushing back against the forcible masking of their kids in school or other family-impacting pandemic restrictions.

The attempted criminalization of dissent by the federal government makes President Biden one of America’s leading threats to the American family unless and until he reins in his rogue underlings.

  • Aaron Renn

    Aaron Renn writes about Christianity and culture at aaronrenn.substack.com. https://www.dhs.gov/ntas/advisory/national-terrorism-advisory-system-bulletin-february-07-2022

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