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Are you aware of any time in American history where an attorney general has instructed the FBI to begin to intervene in school board meetings?” 

This was the opening line of questioning from Sen. Josh Hawley when Biden-appointee Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

The alarming reality about the Biden-
controlled Department of Justice (DOJ) is that they have been weaponized against the American people — specifically American families. The very people the DOJ is supposed to protect. But not all American families — just those who dared to excercise their First Amendment rights to oppose the racist and radical sexual indoctrination of their children in public schools.

In response to a letter from the National School Boards Association calling on the DOJ to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists, Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the DOJ to work with local and state law enforcement to investigate upset parents. It was later discovered that the letter was actually solicited by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. 

This should be enough to condemn any federal agency, let alone America’s national law enforcement arm, but it doesn’t stop there.   

Last September, the DOJ sent out a “Back to School” message to students with pro-transgender messaging, falsely labeling legislative efforts to protect girls’ sports and child innocence as “attacks” on the transgender community. 

When states passed legislation to protect children from harmful “sex change” procedures and to protect women’s athletics from men who claim to be women — the DOJ stepped in and filed statements of interests with opponents of these laws. Shouldn’t the DOJ be protecting children and female athletes? 

When the people of Texas, through their elected officials, passed a law protecting preborn children when a heartbeat can be detected, the DOJ sued the state, attempting to protect abortionists and their profits instead of vulnerable preborn babies. 

It goes without saying that the justice system should protect the most vulnerable over the most powerful, but the DOJ under the Biden regime has decided to do the exact opposite.

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