by Jon Schweppe

Government and politicians go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other. It’s only natural that these political men and women are poised to be the biggest allies and the biggest threats to American families. All power serves a purpose, and we’ve been blessed with many strong leaders who stick to their principles and don’t allow themselves to be bullied by their belligerent counterparts. People like Governor Ron DeSantis, who puts Florida’s well-being over popular frenzy, and Senator Joe Manchin, who often places his principles before strict party politics. 

Others, however, are not so high-minded. These politicians are our biggest threats as they send us sultry smiles and moralized memos, meanwhile pushing a dangerous anti-family agenda through the undercurrent of litigation — to these ideologues, a 2,700+ page infrastructure bill presents 2,700+ opportunities to sneak in harmful provisions that will hasten the destruction of the American family.

While these politicians prioritize their ideological agenda, they fail to take responsibility for the issues the voters actually care about. When President Biden tanks our economy and refuses to stand up to Russia, all the while blaming Putin’s actions for our inflation and rising gas prices instead of taking executive responsibility, does that exude the “strength of the American people?”

When Vice President Kamala Harris is put in charge of the border crisis and does little more than release a strategy memo and attend a few meetings, despite all her campaign reliance on her judicial history and decisive action — can we honestly say we see our best political foot moving forward?

And when Republican Rep. Chris Stewart presents the Fairness for All Act as an alternative to the Equality Act that Republicans should support — as if it isn’t caving to the same progressive agenda — do we not begin to doubt the sincerity of the Republican Party?

As a conservative organization, it would be easy for us to turn to the Democrats, pick the top five, and recite our litany of grievances. That makes sense — many of them, if not most, support an ideology that is destructive to the family, to liberty, and to freedom. But we cannot fixate solely on party lines — not when so much is on the line. Sometimes the most dangerous politicians are the ones that claim to be our friends. 

In this section, you will find the politicians we ranked as the biggest threats to the American family based on their records, including their public claims and their political follow through. Each choice is backed by hard evidence as to why that person, not just the party label, poses a threat to American families.

  • Jon Schweppe

    Jon Schweppe is the policy director at American Principles Project. He is the founder of BigTechFunding.org and a co-author of a groundbreaking report detailing Big Tech’s outsized impact on the 2020 election: “Big Tech vs. Democracy.”

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