Special Interest Groups



by Jim DeMint

Bigness is always at war with individualism and freedom because it results in the concentration of power. Individual decision making and free speech, along with small family units, churches, small businesses and community organizations, are a constant threat to those who seek to rule by harnessing the power of big government.

When I was first elected to Congress in 1998, special interest groups  achieved some influence on government policies by lobbying and by donating to individual candidates and larger sums (unlimited) to the political parties. At the time, businesses were solely interested in policies that enlarged their sales and profits, such as lower taxes and less regulations. All this has changed — dramatically!

Today special interest groups are the most powerful forces in our culture and government. And they are controlled by wealthy leftists who are completely opposed to traditional American ideas — marriage, the family unit, hard work, self-discipline, religious faith and capitalism.

A large share of corporate stock in the world is owned by politically motivated leftist investors and asset managers such as Big Pharma, who has a monopolistic influence over our medical options, from insulin prices to vaccines to child hormone therapy. And their first priority is not sales and profit. They intend to fundamentally change our culture and economy.

These industries  have become distinctly anti-American, anti-God and anti-Christian. They celebrate Gay Pride week and LGBTQ rights while pressuring their employees, suppliers and customers to follow suit. You will not see them  celebrating traditional marriage and families, Biblical principles or promoting “American First” ideas. Businesses have been pressured by their boards to adopt the ESG (environmental, social and governance) operational philosophy which allows them to masquerade as responsible, philanthropic citizens while undermining all the principles that make America great.

Monopolies now largely control the U.S. federal government. Congress and the president may change parties, but the bureaucracy in Washington is in bed with globalist corporations (think Pharma, CDC and vaccines). Giant social media corporations and other media networks control the majority of communications around the world. They are quickly “canceling” all voices that disagree with their agenda. Large banks are withholding financing to companies associated with the fossil fuel industry and other disfavored businesses. Businesses  have boycotted states that passed laws making it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. Major entertainment industries, like Netflix, threaten to remove their business from states that protect the unborn. And now we see major corporations fawning all over China during the Olympics in Beijing — largely because their goals are closely aligned with the Chinese communist agenda.  

Big business interests are now completely in line with the leftist Democrat political agenda. Americans must fight back by electing candidates at the state and federal level who will fight the socializing of our economy and the secularization of our culture. Anti-trust laws must be enforced to break up huge monopolies. States must form alliances and call an Article V convention to reign in the power of the federal government and their corporate accomplices. And states must create fair and honest election systems so when the people speak out against this nonsense — their voices will be heard.  

  • Jim DeMint

    Jim DeMint represented South Carolina in the U.S. House (1999-2005) and U.S. Senate (2005-2013). Known for policy innovation, he authored leading conservative reforms to health care, education, taxes, and entitlements. DeMint is also the Founder of the Senate Conservatives Fund, which played a major role in the election of many of the Senate’s leading conservatives like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Tom Cotton. President Trump appointed DeMint to the White House Economic Advisory Board in 2020.

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